Our Maintenance Services

Viello Landscapes, LLC’s intention is to provide quality landscaping services.
Our maintenance services are custom tailored to meet your needs.

Seasonal Cleanup


At the start of each season (in March or early April) Viello Landscapes, LLC offers a Spring Clean-Up which consists of the following services:

  • Pickup (Blow/Sweep) all leaves, twigs and any other debris on the driveway.
  • Pickup (Blow/Sweep/Rake) all leaves, twigs, dead grass, and any other debris on the lawn and shrub beds.
  • Edge all walkways bordered with grass.
  • Removal of weeds in shrub beds.
  • Tine Rake/Light thatching of turf areas (Cleans and promotes healthy turf).
  • Initial Shrub bed edging (Additional costs may apply).


The start date and intensity of leaf fall during the fall season varies year to year due to a multiple of reasons most notably weather conditions. Typically the weekly maintenance will continue until the end of October. In November, our maintenance crews performs a comprehensive cleanup.

  • Remove (Blow, Rake, and Sweep) all leaves, twigs and any other natural debris from property.
  • Blow off all driveways, parking lots and walkways.

Weekly Maintenance

Our weekly lawn and landscape service is designed to keep outdoor spaces looking their best through regular and comprehensive upkeep.
  • Cut and trim all lawn areas (Cutting height may vary during season due to weather conditions).
  • All clippings picked up in high traffic turf areas.
  • Weed and maintain all shrub beds.
  • Blow natural debris and clippings from sidewalks and driveways.
  • Maintain flowerbeds (if necessary).

5 Step Fertilization

Our 5 step comprehensive fertilization plan helps enrich a property’s lawn, shrubs and trees.
  • Early Spring fertilizer.
  • Summer slow release fertilizer applied in June.
  • Weed & feed fertilizer applied in August/September
  • Fall slow release, dormant fertilizer (Provides nutrient saturation during winter months. This establishes a fertile ground for the next spring season growth.)
  • Shrub and small ornamental tree fertilizer

Annual Trimming


Trimming of all shrubs and evergreens once per season. Second trimming of shrubs can be provided where applicable.

Grub Control

Grubs can damage your turf if not treated early and steps are not put in place to prevent them from hatching throughout the year. To avoid damaged grass we offer a grub control application which is typically applied in early July.

Weed Control

Property is sprayed for dandelions, as well as other broad-leaf weeds.

Enhancements and Additional Landscaping Services

Viello Landscapes, LLC also offers additional enhancements and services. Stated below are other services that we recommend. In order to provide you with our least costly landscaping management plan, they are not included in as part of the maintenance service.

Custom Design

If you are looking for a unique, personalized way to make a statement with your property Viello Landscapes, LLC can help you create custom landscape design that stem off of outdoor living trends. We will work with you from the initial concept through completion. We’ll be there to carefully orchestrate this process.


This should be performed at least once every two years. Besides its obvious increase in esthetic appearance, mulch acts as a good insulator for plants during winter months; it provides a “moisture blanket” during the summer months and adds a nutrient source all year round.



All landscapes are brought to life with colorful foliage. Nothing does this better then flowers. We encourage all our clients to use seasonal flowering to brighten up their property. Viello Landscapes, LLC provides flower planting services throughout the year.

After installation, we also provide continuous flower bed maintenance throughout the year. This is to insure vigorous and beautiful growth during the warm seasons.

Plant Renovation

Are your shrubs blocking windows and overpowering the house? Are there overgrown plantings crowding sidewalks? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it may be time for plant renovation.

Plant renovation is a very important part of home improvement. Even with conscientious trimming and maintenance, foundation plantings get over crowded after years of growth. Depending on how close your trees and shrubs were originally spaced, and what types of plants were used, this overcrowding could begin much sooner. Viello Landscapes, LLC will work with what can be salvaged and transplant or replace some plants and trees to create a balanced look to your landscape.


Core aeration allows air, moisture and nutrients to penetrate down to the root zone. Roots of existing grass plants spread out and grow deeper, creating a healthier, thicker lawn. Overseeding fills-in bare or thin spots and help build a thicker lawn faster. The new seed quickly takes root in the freshly aerated lawn and provides new life to your already established grass. As your lawn gets thicker and healthier, your new grass plants help reduce the chance of new weeds sprouting and grub hatching.

Gutter Cleaning

Thorough cleaning of roof, gutters and downspout (November).

Our Initiative

We believe that a home’s curb appeal makes a great first impression. We want everyone who sees your property to take notice and appreciate the beauty of your well groomed property through the landscaping services we provide.

Let’s Get Started

We’re excited to collaborate with you and bring your outdoor space to the next level.