After having trouble with the last two landscapers who have done work on my yard, I am so happy to have someone who seems to care. Last year sod was installed that failed almost immediately and the installer had to be called by me to even notice the failure. This year I found I had sewer pipe problems that left an even bigger mess in front of my home. I hired Viello Landscapes late in the spring and they have done everything possible to give me a beautiful front lawn. Joe, the owner, has watched the new sod like a hawk. When the sewer pipe line started to sink, he brought more soil to level it. I have never seen the owner of my landscape company as much in the past. He is accessible at all times. This is new to me.


We’ve used this company for 2 years and they are fantastic!! They are thorough and I am thrilled with how my yard looks ~ since they are here on Fridays, it looks good for the weekends! They do such a great job on my yard that the neighbors next door also hired them to do the weekly maintenance on their yard, as well as having some landscaping jobs done this summer.

Joe runs a tight crew ~ he’s there working along side them and they are all very professional & friendly. They will continue to have our business for years.


I am a first time single family home owner.  I hired another firm to do spring clean up (clearly the fall clean up before winter had only been minimal).  I had to beg and plead to get the job done in time, and the job was, at best, average.  That’s when I started looking for someone else to take on weekly maintenance.  After the experience with the spring clean up guys, responsiveness and work quality were my most important criteria.

I have not had a single problem with Viello.  Joe has followed up on everything he promised to do, and each week the yard looks great. I have been home from time to time when Joe’s crew is here and they are always professional.  The yard looks outstanding.  The edging makes such a big difference!  When the “field” of daylillies that the prior home owner clearly loved were at the end of their rope due to the drought, those were nicely cut down to make the beds look better.  They show up every week without fail.

Hire these folks – you won’t regret it.  I gave them a B on price because they were a little more than the other services quoted me for maintenance, but you get what you pay for.