Type Size Bloom Time Bloom Color Growth Rate
Shrub 5-6′ Spring Red Moderate, Fast


Red Prince


Exposure Moisture Adaptability
Full Sun Weekly Very Adaptable


If you have a spot where you’d like to make a bold statement, plant a few classic ‘Red Prince’ weigela. Its purple-tinged mid-green foliage and deep red trumpet-shaped flowers will create quite a dramatic presence in your landscape. The showy flowers bloom in late spring/early summer and often again in August. This hardy shrub will eventually grow to person-height and needs little maintenance; just give it organic, well-drained soil in full sun and watch for hummingbirds, as ‘Red Prince’ is a beacon for them. Even when living in a drier soil and partial shade, this eye-catching weigela provides excellent color and contrast in most any setting; it’s particularly effective in a sunny border of mixed perennials and annuals.