For optimum results, water your new lawn seed frequently for short periods of time. Approximately 3 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes per area is ideal. Make sure to keep areas moist at all times. Do not drench the areas. Keep areas moist until grass begins to germinate. Upon starting a new lawn, it is normal to have some bare areas. Viello Landscapes, LLC will be glad to assist in reseeding these bare areas with a treatment plan.


Saturate the new sod area with water immediately. Be sure water has gone through the sod and into your soil beneath. (Note: One gallon of water within the first hour of installation does as much good as six gallons of water three hours later.

Depending on the time of year, during periods off little rainfall and high air temperatures, sod and soil must be wet for 30-40 minutes a day the first 10 – 15 days after installation. After sod has adhered to your soil, watering can be reduced.

After sod has been established (when it does not pull up when gently tugged) a good watering 3-4 times a week versus light sprinkling daily.


Watering: We recommend that you water your plants regularly. Begin watering every other day for the first two weeks (If it is an unusually dry year, everyday watering would be best.) After the first two weeks, back off to every four days for two more weeks. Then, water once a week. Water plant directly at the base for the first several waterings. Then, begin watering with a sprinkler. Water each small plant with a twenty second count and larger trees and shrubs for a thirty second count.

Moisture Inspection: Check moisture before you water!

Until the root system is established (generally takes one year) you should check the soil for moisture to accurately determine how dry or wet it is. You can use a moisture meter or by pulling back the mulch and feeling the soil with hands alongside the root ball about four inches below ground level.

Soil is Dry: Water generously

Soil is Moist: Do not water

Important Notes: Soils must be allowed to dry out between watering. If a plant is maintained in constantly moist soil, the plant’s health will deteriorate over time. A plant weakened by over-watering may die of oxygen deprivation or become susceptible to pest and disease.

How to Water: Slow, deep watering is preferred. Place the hose at the base of a plant, at a heavy trickle and water 5-10 minutes for small plants. We recommed 10-15 minutes for larger plants and trees while moving the hose to a few locations around the plant. Mulch Layer: Maintain a 2-inch layer to conserve ground moisture and to prevent weeds. Too much mulch will not allow the plant to receive enough air circulation and will directly reduce health of the plant.


Note: Viello Landscapes, LLC is not responsible for reseeding the lawn or plant material due to nature’s wind or rain storms, or any natural causes. The customer will take full responsibility for this.